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To enable bikers to ride better protected, the airbag vest has been a staple at BERING for many years. Whether cable or electronic, our airbag products cover vital body areas, regardless of the situation.

How to choose your airbag?

For an enhanced level of safety and protection for the upper part of your body, the motorcycle airbag is the ideal solution. Our BERING motorcycle airbag range offers different types of technologies: the wired motorcycle airbag and the electronic motorcycle airbag. The wired airbag is connected to your motorcycle by a cable. If you fall, this wire is pulled and your vest and the motorcycle airbag are triggered. The electronic motorcycle airbag, on the other hand, integrates an autonomous detection system that detects the rider's movements and position to trigger when needed. Its practical side? It does not need to be installed on the motorcycle and does not require a cable.

The choice of motorbike safety: the airbag vest for motorcyclists


Motorcycling, which for many people represents freedom and pleasure, is not without risks for motorcyclists, who are vulnerable road users. A wide range of safety equipment is available to protect the rider. The most obvious is equipment that meets motorbike protection standards, such as motorbike jackets, as well as trousers, shoes and gloves. In addition to the equipment needed for safe riding, the motorbike airbag vest has become a key component of the passive safety system in recent years, helping to minimise the potential consequences of road accidents.


What is a motorbike airbag vest?


A motorbike airbag vest is a piece of motorbike equipment that incorporates a safety device in the form of a bag designed to inflate and deploy rapidly to protect the rider. Triggers include head-on collisions, falls and slips, both while riding and when stationary. Once inflated, the motorbike airbag offers a reinforced area of protection for the rider's torso and abdomen, as well as the neck and spine, thanks to the included back support. Different types and sizes of vest can be used: cabled or stand-alone, with or without subscription, to be worn over a motorbike jacket or underneath, or integrated into an all-in-one motorbike jacket.


How has motorbike airbag technology evolved?


Motorbike airbag technology has evolved considerably in recent years. The first models were restrictive, depending on the type of technology used, and less comfortable, but today's versions are much more practical, made from materials that combine flexibility and protection. What's more, airbag deployment speed is constantly improving with each new model, offering even more effective protection in the event of an accident.


Are motorbike airbags only for professionals?


The airbag is actually used by professionals, for example by motorbike police forces and motorbike schools, as well as by motorbike racing drivers. However, the motorbike airbag vest can be used by everyone. Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, the motorbike airbag vest is a safety device that can help you minimise the risks in the event of an accident. What's more, with advances in technology, these vests are increasingly accessible and practical for everyday use. Some airbags can even be used by private individuals for track days.


How does a motorbike airbag work?


The wireless motorbike airbag is activated by sensors that detect sudden and unusual movements, such as a fall or a slip. These sensors then send a signal to the airbag to inflate. Wired airbags, on the other hand, are connected to the motorbike by a cable, and the gas in the cartridge is released to inflate the vest as soon as the tension force releases the cable. In both cases, in just a few milliseconds, the motorbike airbag vest deploys, creating an area of protection over the rider's upper body. It then deflates slowly to avoid aggravating any potential injuries to the rider, while waiting for help to arrive. Some models, such as the E-Protect Air, come with a subscription to an emergency call service managed by an approved organisation, to optimise immediate assistance after an accident.


Can a motorbike airbag vest be reused after deployment?


Yes, in most cases, a motorbike airbag vest can be reused after deployment. In the case of wired airbags, all that needs to be done is to replace the gas cartridge used to inflate the airbag. Some self-contained airbags need to be repaired by the manufacturer after deployment. As a general rule, we recommend that you have your airbag checked by a professional after an accident to ensure that it is still in good working order.


Why get a motorbike airbag vest?


Motorbike airbags are designed for all two-wheeled motorcyclists, from the everyday rider to the road-trip enthusiast. Thanks to airbags, both riders and passengers can increase their protection and reduce the risk of injury when riding a motorbike. For many people, airbags are a long-term investment that contributes to overall motorbike safety.


The airbag, optimised safety for motorcyclists


In short, the motorbike airbag is a passive safety device that optimises protection for all motorbike riders. It offers an extra layer of protection that can make all the difference in the event of an accident, collision or slip. So whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, why not invest in a motorbike airbag vest to get you out on the road? Make safety and comfort your number one priority. With the evolution of technology, motorbike airbags are becoming ever more effective and practical.