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Rainy weather equipment

Discover our range of rain weather gear designed for female riders by the BERING team. Be ready to brave the elements and ride with confidence, no matter the conditions.

How to choose your rain gear?

Unpredictable weather can sometimes make a motorcycle ride more than unpleasant, especially if your equipment is not up to par. To make the motorcycle experience as practical and comfortable as possible, the BERING teams have developed products dedicated to bad weather, with a selection of motorcycle gear capable of resisting rain and cold. Our waterproof items notably include innovative membranes that repel water while preserving your comfort. Our rain gear offers you uncompromising protection, while breathable fabrics keep you dry. One-piece suit, overtrousers, balaclava: our range of rain and cold gear for motorcycles will meet all your needs, for long journeys as well as the shortest ones.