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At BERING, our men's motorcycle shoes and sneakers are designed to be versatile and equip bikers comfortably in any situation, without compromising style and safety.

Men's Shoes

How to choose your shoes?

The different styles of men's motorcycle shoes allow you to choose shoes in the style you like, depending on the activity in mind (racing, touring, adventure, urban...). But contrary to what you might think, it's not enough to just put on a motorcycle shoe to know if it suits you. You need to make sure your foot doesn't move excessively inside, while maintaining freedom of movement: slightly move your toes and lift your heel slightly. The secret: you must feel supported but not blocked, otherwise be careful of the tourniquet effect, tingling and poor circulation! A well-fitted motorcycle shoe is a shoe that will protect you more effectively in case of a fall and will not let cold air pass through in winter.