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Two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular for commuting, whether for work or leisure. Our BERING luggage range is aimed at bikers who want to optimize practicality and be able to easily carry their belongings.

How to choose your bag?

Are you beginners and you are going for your first road-trip-style motorcycle ride? Are you seasoned and ride every day? In any case, the pockets of your jacket may not be enough for you. Having a bag on a motorcycle has many advantages, and the BERING luggage range has been designed for bikers and their needs. But which BERING motorcycle backpack to choose, and how? The first thing to do is to define your criteria: what will be the use of this bag? Work? Travel? It is also necessary to think about comfort: flexible or rigid format, waterproof bag or equipped with a waterproof cover, to deal with all situations.