E-protect Air - Motorcycle Trophy 2024 - Bering


An intelligent autonomous airbag for active and reinforced safety of the motorcyclist.

Award-winning equipment - E-Protect Air - Bering


In 2024, BERING's E-Protect Air, an autonomous airbag waistcoat, earned the Equipment of the Year award at the Motorcycle Trophies, marking a triumph for their team's expertise.

It was praised for its cutting-edge technology, which offers motorcyclists increased protection in the event of a fall, while retaining the elegance and style that characterise the BERING brand.

As a leader in its field, BERING continues to push the boundaries of technology and design to meet the needs and expectations of motorcyclists around the world.

BERING, precursor of active safety for motorcyclists - E-Protect-Air


BERING stands for 30 years of innovation and embedded technology for protection.


In 2010, BERING was proud to unveil as a world premiere the very first electronic airbag vest which made it possible to no longer be physically connected to the motorcycle: the PROTECT AIR®.


An innovation and on-board technology that has made it possible to offer motorcyclists active protection.

E-Protect Air, the new generation of airbags - eprotect-air


Fruit of the evolution of our first airbag vest released in 2010, the algorithm of the E-PROTECT AIR® studies in real time the crucial parameters related to your driving to trigger and protect you at the right time, offering optimal protection to motorcyclists in quest for security.

Performance by BERING

Designed specifically for use on the road, BERING has chosen to develop an airbag vest that is worn over a jacket or motorcycle jacket, offering maximum compatibility and very wide coverage of vital areas to be protected.


The result of the research and work of our R&D team, the on-board technology has been tested on more than of 500,000 kilometers covered. The efficiency of the algorithm allows the E-PROTECT AIR® to benefit from an ultra-fast inflation time.


The detection device is powered by 2 batteries ensuring a very significant autonomy freeing the motorcyclist from all constraints of daily loading.


The dedicated mobile interface allows activation, management and status monitoring of E-PROTECT AIR® directly from your phone.

Technical characteristics

500h - E-Protect Air


Around 10h/week over a year or around an hour and a half/day over a year.

mobile  app - E-Protect Air

Mobil Application

The E-PROTECT AIR application is at your disposal to call for help and check that your airbag is working properly.

Maximum compatibility - E-Protect Air

Maximum compatibility

No need to buy new equipment! Our airbag is worn over your equipment to ensure wide coverage of vital areas to protect.

connected airbag - E-Protect Air

Connected airbag

The E-PROTECT AIR algorithm is integrated into the airbag and studies all the parameters related to your driving in real time to trigger and protect you at the right time.

ultra fast - E-Protect Air

Ultra fast

Less than 0.05s.

wide coverage of areas to be protected - E-Protect Air

Wide coverage of areas to be protected

BERING has chosen to protect all vital areas such as the neck, spine, abdomen, thorax and coccyx.

Activate the E-PROTECT AIR® connected service

After purchasing the E-PROTECT AIR® airbag vest, you must activate the connected service of the E-PROTECT AIR® airbag vest on our dedicated site and choose from one of the 2 options offered.


Each formula responds to the use you make of the motorcycle whether you ride all year round or not.

ReFLEX E-Protect Air - Bering


Monthly subscription plan for €11.99 / month

  • E-PROTECTAIR mobile app
  • Premium commercial warranty on the electronic device(1)
  • E-PROTECT AIR® technology update
  • STOP & GO option(2)
  • No commitment
  • Purchase offer for the InFINITY offer at the price of €129,99 (available after 36 full months of subscription)(3)

InFINITY E-Protect Air - Bering


Purchase plan available from €299.99

  • E-PROTECTAIR mobile app
  • E-PROTECT AIR® technology update


(1) You benefit from a 2-year legal guarantee of conformity (art. L. 217-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Code) and the guarantee of hidden defects (art. 1641 et seq. of the French Civil Code). As part of the ReFLEX subscription offer, the Customer also benefits from a Premium commercial warranty on the electronic device (replacement or repair). As part of the InFINITY purchase offer, the customer can subscribe, before the end of the legal warranty period, to a commercial warranty of 1 year (€ 59.99 VAT included) or 2 years (€ 119.99 VAT included) to benefit from a guarantee complementary to the legal warranty on the Electronic Device (replacement or repair). The terms and conditions of the benefit and the implementation of the guarantees are detailed in art. 9 of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The applicable warranties are not intended to apply in the event of shock, fall, poor storage condition, damage to the Vest not related to a inherent defect of the vest, modification or repair of the vest not made by Trophy S.A.S, as well as in case of improper use of the vest or in case of use of the vest beyond the on-road use of motorcycle and scooter with 2 or 3 wheels.

(2) The Stop & Go Option may be activated once per calendar year, for a non-separable period of between 2 and 5 months. The price of the ReFLEX subscription during the duration of the Stop & Go option is then limited to 5,99 € (VAT included) / month.


When using the E-PROTECT AIR® airbag vest for the first time, it must be switched on.


1. Open the vest and access the inside back.
2. Remove Velcro to access pocket.
3. Remove back flap.
4. Take out ¾ of the case.
5. Unclip the case.
6. Plug the 9V and 3.6V batteries into their connectors.
7. Close the case.
8. Replace the case in the pocket provided.
9. Replace the flap.
10. Close the Velcro fasteners.


Once the batteries are connected, the box must be activated via the dedicated website or via the BERING application within a maximum of 48h00. After that, the electronic box will no longer function.



To activate the vest, simply zip it up. The audible indicates that the E-PROTECT AIR® is operational.


Using the Smartphone application also shows that the system is functional when the E-PROTECT AIR® is connected to the phone via Bluetooth®.